Surfing is a highly creative, life-affirming and forever humbling endeavor. The awareness of board-body-wave required to perform to one’s potential is an open-ended process of learning. Personalized surf coaching is the most effective way to progress as a surfer, and I treat surfing not only as a skill-sport, but more importantly as an essential practice to a thriving & fulfilling life. Whether a serious competitor or lifelong weekend warrior, I look forward to the opportunity to coach you forward in your surfing progression!





  • Personalized Coaching whatever your level of skill & commitment. The path to surfing mastery never ends, and having the attention & support of a trusted coach is the best way to learn. It’s ultimately about the journey, not the destination. Everyone benefits from having a mentor/guide who can effectively & efficiently direct your attention through each stage of development.
  • Specialized surfing training programs & coaching programs that elevate your performance & understanding. What are your goals as a surfer, and how do you measure your skill & experience and potential? Barry’s coaching is based on detailed skill assessment and training programs that will elevate your performance in the water and on land.
  • A holistic approach to surfing that connects mind, body & spirit. Surfing is a great practice to center yourself & explore life more deeply; ultimately finding more meaning in the process!

Barry Green

Performance Surf-Life Coach
(831) 297-3029

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